Sunday, June 9, 2013

Winter has come.

Winter is coming.

For over a year, the context of those famous words of House Stark of Winterfell eluded me. Yet now, after reading only the first two books of A Song of Ice and Fire, I am engrossed in the world of Westeros and Essos, and the fight for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. I detest being in massive fandoms by principle (especially when it comes to joining them when popularity is already sky-high) but I like to think as long as I stick to the more intellectually stimulating novels rather than the televised series, I can remain separate from the masses. 

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Yes, I know. I'm a snob. My apologies. 

However, this post isn't about the consanguinity of House Lannister and the rest of them. With winter having already arrived in our little pocket of South-East Queensland, I am yet again struck by the lack of seasons we experience here. I am not complaining - far from it! This numbing cold is more than my poor bare feet can handle - socks and slippers around the house somehow annoy me and I insist on not wearing them very often - and I prefer the mild winters of the Gold Coast to the biting chills experienced elsewhere. But there is no denying that winter would be more enjoyable if it looked like the season had changed. 

Our summers simply melt into autumns which, by the time we know it, have already morphed into winters.  Not having traveled extensively, I can't say this holds true for the whole of Australia, but I know for certain that the distinction between seasons is far more pronounced in places like Japan - lush green foliage in the summer during the rains, maple leaves in autumn, snow in winter, and cherry blossoms in spring. 

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As many of you who know me are already aware, I am not a huge fan of the winter. The cold that we get here goes down to the bones, even if it a "mild" 15 degrees C. It's too cold for shorts and t-shirts, yet too warm for a trench coat  and all the other fancy winter fashion that is showcased in colder parts of the country. In short, it's just annoying. Too cold for the beach, yet too warm for houses to have fireplaces built into them. Too cold for getting out of bed early, yet too warm for it to be an excuse for not doing exercise in the early hours. The only consolation is that finally the set temperature for the air conditioning at uni is warmer than the air outside.

- Matilda 

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