Friday, March 8, 2013

Inspirational Penguins

A dear friend told me the other day that the inspiration for his own blog came from a girl called Matilda but, "she's been a lil' busy nowawadys - which of course, is totally fine and understandable." 

I was a little taken aback when I read his message but just as quickly, the offence turned into sadness and a sense of loss. My primary excuse for not having written much lately is of course uni studies... and not having a garden to cook out of makes a fair bit of difference as well I suppose. The latter point is one of the reasons I was a little apprehensive about committing to a "food blog" in the first place: I felt it would restrict me as to what I could write about. However, scanning through my posts has made me realise that food is on the side. Life and the things that are important to me seem to come through in my posts more than my feeble experiments in the kitchen in an attempt to excite my favourite of the special senses, gustation. 

After reading through my friend's posts, I stopped. And I thought. The first thing to pop into my mind was "wow, I feel so honoured that he felt comfortable to share his private corner of cyberspace with me." Then I thought about me because, let's face it, we are all good at thinking about ourselves. It seems like some sort of evolutionary protective mechanism us humans have developed. I should probably do some research first before I make such comments but I still remember doing driver safety courses at school and being told that the driver, in the context of a potential car accident, will always swerve to protect themselves first.  It's the same sort of thing I suppose. Where I'm trying to take this train thought, I'm not entirely sure.. the point is, I'd love to start blogging again - I just feel I should give readers a small word of warning first: food isn't going to be the primary focus anymore. Food will be interweaved between all the rubbish that my fingers vomit onto the keyboard but at this stage in my life, it really isn't practical to be aiming for a recipe a week. Particularly, as I've already mentioned (I think this will be the third time now), I no longer have access to fresh organic veg. 

Anyhow, those are my thoughts and I hope I haven't sent you to sleep. To the dear penguin boy (he has a penguin fetish) who was inspired -and is now doing the inspiring - I thank you. 

In love and peace,

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