Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Duck Eggs

“Did you hear they are taking the word 'gullible' out of the dictionary?”

Yes, I was the kid who responded with “REALLY?? NO WAY!!!” nearly every single time a smart alec classmate would pull this one on me. Of course I’m talking about my primary school days but as the years have passed, I still find myself slapping my palm against my forehead in frustration at my own gullibility.

The most recent example comes with the explosion of the strawberry season. For the first time in years, I can enjoy the juicy red jewels without having to worry about the pesticides in which they are doused (they're third on the list of the Dirty Dozen). They’re also actually tasty, even when they’re not ridiculously sweet. This has been a new experience for me with fruit and just goes to show that it really is possible to taste the nutrition, rather than judging the quality of a crop on its level of sweetness  alone.

 One day when Dad came back from a day of working at the garden, he bounded up the stairs and called out to me “I’ve got some red duck eggs for you love!!”... And me, being me, responded with: “REALLY?? NO WAY!!!”  

I have been reminded of it and ridiculed nearly every day since.

It was worth suffering the humiliation to be able to eat the strawberries but to be on the safe side, I picked my own the next time I wanted some to snack on en route to uni for an afternoon class. I didn’t have my normal camera on me at the time but I had my new phone…

…an iPhone. I am anti-Apple and I have an iPhone!! It doesn’t make sense! I feel as though I am being a traitor to my own morals - even worse because I actually like using the thing. But this is a rant that is best saved for another day.

On a totally different note, ducks eggs are delicious! I couldn’t quite find the words to describe the difference between these and chicken eggs myself, but this article does it quite nicely, as well as also reflecting my own opinion. Unfortunately we won’t be eating duck eggs for a while now though because one of the ducks has decided to sit - I’m very much looking forward to having some little ducklings running around the place in a month or two! 

- Matilda

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