Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MUN MUN MUN… sounds a bit like ‘om nom nom’?

Although it’s not related to food one little bit, the acronym ‘MUN’ makes me feel warm and fuzzy and satisfied. Otherwise known as ‘Mock United Nations’, MUNs are conferences where you pretend to be a delegate for a particular country on a UN committee. At the end of the Easter break this year, I attended my first MUN as the delegate for Denmark on the World Health Organisation (WHO). It was one of the best weekends of my year which may sound quite nerdy and extremely sad but the fact of the matter is, nothing beats being given an excuse to abuse the hell out of the USA, particularly when that excuse is “ just because you feel like it” ;-)

Getting into the spirit of things with my Danish-themed nails
The reason I bring this up now is that I am currently supposed to be in Melbourne and attending AMUNC, the Asia Pacific Mock United Nations Conference. I did, for all intensive purposes, go… but various reasons have resulted in me coming back home without having said a word or even having attended a committee session. Basically, what I’m getting at it is:


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On the way home one afternoon last week, I took a wee detour to a bookstore (where I found ‘The Dalek Handbook’ for a bargain price of $5!!) and then to a health food store to buy some carob Turkish delight… it comes from a health shop so it should be good for me, right? Well my tummy hasn’t been the same since. As one of my friends put it: “15 minutes of heaven for 10 hours of pain”… except that it’s been more than 10 hours :-(

I am significantly more than slightly devastated about flying to Melbourne, spending two days in my apartment room and flying home again. Since the MUN at Easter time, the only thing that was really keeping me going until the end of semester was the thought of AMUNC. However it wasn’t all bad, I still got to drink a cup of famous Melbourne coffee and eat a delicious bowl of linguine with chili mussels. I was probably a bit ambitious to eat the chili mussels so soon and I regretted it afterwards; it was great while it lasted.

Hmm, a bit too much information maybe?

So now, instead of creating a definition of environmental refugees” and debating “the right of return of Palestinian refugees” from the view of the Mauritian government on the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, I am recharging my batteries and getting the pesky father-daughter bonding thing out of the way while I can. Just kidding Dad, love you really!! I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but today we planted seeds and watched live duck porn over at the garden. The latter was a result of putting the newest duck, Jemima (not pictured), in with Henry, the white Aylesbury.

One thing about plodding around the garden is that it makes me detest big cities like Melbourne even more.  To be fair, I spent my time down there cooped up in a hotel apartment and the weather when I stuck my nose out the door wasn’t all that fantastic… but I still don’t really see what all the fuss is about.  If I was going to visit a city in Australia, I think I would choose Adelaide because at least they have lots of pretty parks and the place is aesthetically pleasing. Or Hobart because it’s in Tasmania and Tassie is awesome in general. Also, I’m the kind of girl who loves her trackies and hoodie and if you wear that sort of thing out on the street in Melbs, you stick out like dog's balls. So although I’m disappointed about the conference, it’s nice to be back home and bogan-ing it up with the family. There is always a next time (fingers crossed) and maybe one day I’ll even have the opportunity serve on a real UN committee …

- Matilda

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