Saturday, May 5, 2012

Green Juice - Kale, Apple & Lemon

The first time I ever tried kale was about this time last year. I had never even heard of - let alone seen - this strange brassica before then. If you have a look around though, you might see it around in the supermarkets as 'Tuscan cabbage' (the most common variety around). 

When we first met this vegetable, everyone in my family was a little bit suspicious. For starters, it looks kinda scary. Secondly, lots of people in the "health freak" community are obsessed with the thing. Surely just this latter  reason  would drive any reasonable person away!!

As it turns out though, kale is delicious. Fry it, steam it, stew it, blanch it... the possibilities are endless. It's also packed full of vitamins (A, C and K particularly) and minerals such as iron, potassium and calcium. 

Browsing through David and Luise's recipes on Green Kitchen Stories made me realise I could also juice  the thing. The only problem was, I thought I didn't have access to a juicer. It turns out though that our blender also comes with a juicer attachment, which had been hidden by my mother many years ago. After three times through the washing machine and as many hand scrubs, my white ‘Doctor Who’ t-shirt is starting to know why. It's ok, I have another one. It also makes an extremely comfy pyjama top :-) 

David and Luise claim this slightly-funky-looking (mine was anyway) yet refreshing juice can cure colds and hangovers alike. I am a responsible citizen so shall be drinking it for the former reason. 

A toast: to the first kale harvest of the season! 

Green Juice - Kale, Apple & Lemon (from Green Kitchen Stories)
Makes about 2 cups

5 small [organic] apples
2 cups fresh kale, thick stems removed
½ lemon, peeled
1" fresh ginger, peeled

Directions: chuck all the ingredients in the juicer and turn the thing on! Taste it and if it is too sweet, add more ginger and lemon. If it is too tart, add more apples. 

As nice as this was, I don't think I'll be disturbing the juicing contraption again anytime soon. It was far too much work as far as I was concerned... although that might have something to do with the fact that the blender/juicer is over 20 years old now. Maybe when it finally breaks down I'll invest in a more user-friendly juicer so I can drink this sort of stuff more often. It would definitely be worth the cost! 



  1. organic apples are quite small (as is the same with any other naturally-made produce). What is the equivalent in 'normal' apples?

  2. Hi, 2-4 'normal' apples can be used in the place of the organic ones, although I would probably peel/wash them thoroughly beforehand. It just depends on how sweet you like your juice :-) Hope that helps!