Wednesday, January 18, 2012

“Raw Chocolate Milkshake Miracle”

I was extremely skeptical when I first read the heading (see above) for the recipe of a raw chocolate milkshake containing bananas, cacao, honey, cashews and... avocado. Judging by the look he gave me when I told him I was making a chocolate milkshake without chocolate ice-cream, Dad was as well. Well let me just say that it is a-mehhhh-zing! 

This is a recipe I tried when I first discovered Green Kitchen Stories and My New Roots, both of which are (if you haven’t worked out by now) vegetarian – and sometimes vegan – blogs that post healthy takes on your traditional indulgences. The raw chocolate milkshake was from MNR and it exceeded my expectations, to say the least. I encourage you to go and make it this very instant. No joke. Do it.

I wish I could improve my food photography but my efforts with my wee compact Canon will have to do for now.  However, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get this to look as delicious as it is. At least I know that it tasted fantastic… and that’s all that matters as far as I’m concerned :-)
However,  there is one unfortunate thing about this recipe... I can no longer enjoy the chocolate thickshakes at the cafe down the road that I used to crave so badly: they pale in comparison - in terms of taste and  nutrition.  Hell, this one is positively good for you!!

Raw Chocolate Milkshake (adapted from My New Roots)

3 Tbsp raw cacao powder
1 avocado
1 very large peeled & frozen banana (or 2 small) 
2 Tbsp raw honey
Dash sea salt 

1 cup water
5 ice cubes

Directions: Blend all the ingredients together. If it's too thick for you, add water or ice (I prefer to add ice as it makes it extra cold for these hot summer days!). 

Similar to Sarah's father, my own dad is a chocolate and refined sugar nut and it gives me hope for his forever increasing cholesterol levels (hemhem I hope he reads this) that he actually requests these milkshakes. Not to mention sighs in a satisfied way and tells me I "make a mean chocolate milkshake" every time he takes a mouthful. 

- Matilda 

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