Thursday, December 22, 2011

Country Bumpkin Roots

Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace!

Lately I have been exploring different foods that I haven't had much to do with before, despite being raised on an extremely varied diet of international cuisine thanks to my talented mother. Although I have always loved cooking, I have never been very efficient in the kitchen and lack a number of basic skills that would probably be useful should I have to whip up a dinner for guests. Here, I want to document my food experiments and journey that I hope will ultimately result in me being able to cook at least as half as well as the other women in my family before me have done (note: maternal side only). Not that I view cooking as a woman's job - it just happens to be that the only people in my family who can cook are women. 

In an age where chronic diseases such as adult-onset diabetes and heart disease are becoming a pressing issue in the developed world, as well as the rise of climate change, I believe that growing our own food and eating fresh, organic produce which is in season becomes increasingly important. As well as trying my hand at some family favourites, I want to extend my knowledge on the use of whole foods and the benefits that they have for our health. I'm a city girl but my roots are in the land and I hope that I can rediscover those roots as I travel this road.

There are so many food bloggers out there already and their levels of culinary and photography expertise far exceed mine, so I will simply have this blog to please myself and as a record of my kitchen successes and failures. Posts will possibly be few and far between due to university studies starting up again soon but I hope that I can incorporate some of my knowledge from my degree into this blog. No better way to learn things than to explain them to others, right? And it will make me feel better about being away from the books and, I suppose, procrastinating ;-) 

- Matilda